DeMint News Round-up March 27, 2010

Jim DeMint: GOP Primary Could See ‘Whole New Cast’ Of Candidates
Huffington Post
Senator Jim DeMint of South Carolina is not interested in running for the Republican presidential nomination, but he said Saturday that the presumed field might not be sufficient to inspire voters and he would welcome a last-minute entry by another

DeMint Principles trump candidate
‘We have to get it right this time,’ DeMint tells the crowd. | AP Photo Close By MAGGIE HABERMAN | 3/26/11 9:55 PM EDT DES MOINES, Iowa — Jim DeMint urged a conservative crowd in Iowa to “get it right this time” with a Republican presidential nominee,

DeMint: We Need a President Who Won’t Run Our Lives
Pajamas Media
“The President has been AWOL on the budget discussion. He has not led at all on what needs to be cut or where we cut. He’s just sat on the sidelines and criticized Republicans.” PJTV is interviewing former Speaker Newt Gingrich, Herman Cain, Rep.

DeMint predicts fresh GOP candidates for president
Washington Post
Jim DeMint (RS.C.), who shook up Republican politics in 2010 by challenging the establishment, said Saturday there’s room for more candidates in the 2012 Republican presidential race and predicted the field could see new and surprising entrants in the

Around the Sphere
The Moderate Voice
(Cheney would probably not do that anyway. He’d take the journalist hunting.) So the GOP 2012 Presidential Field Looks Good? Senator Jim DeMint says the present crop may not be enough to inspire voters and if there is no front runner other GOPers

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