Bowing to Material Reality, Jim DeMint Will Not Run For President

In a rare acknowledgement of the world as it is, Jim DeMint stated he would not run for President of the United States.

Various news outlets are reporting this.  Here’s a Washington Post blog. The Fix:

He’s said all along that he isn’t running for President and his role in the primary is to encourage the candidates to embrace conservative principles,” said Matt Hoskins, spokesman for the Senate Conservatives Fund, DeMint’s political action committee.

Interesting and telling that the statement came from DeMint’s PAC…further evidence that he doesn’t make any distinction between fundraising and politics.

So who will he back? Perhaps anticipating DeMint’s misogyny, The Fix sticks with boy candidates:

Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour will almost certainly make a strong push in the Palmetto State and has signed on Jim Dyke, who lives in South Carolina, as an adviser to his political action committee. Minnesota Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, who is from Georgia, is also a natural fit for the South Carolina Republican primary electorate. And, if former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee runs — an increasingly unlikely prospect — he would rightly be considered the South Carolina frontrunner.

Less discriminatingly, but more entertainingly, another blog calls Ohio Rep.  Michelle Bachmann “the default Tea Party candidate”.    Some Iowa GOP Senator likes her:

She’s a dynamo. Our members were very enthused with her enthusiasm, her grasp of issues. She was very knowledgeable about foreign issues, particularly with regard to the Libyan incursion.

DeMint will share a stage with this woman, and use her to raise money.  But he will not endorse her because 1) he’s a savvy enough marketer to smell her sell-by date and 2) unlike the apostles, she does not have a penis.


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