When His Values Are Not Our Values

Contributed by Agnes Pomata.

I think we can all agree that Jim DeMint is a man of strong values. His values reflect a childhood lived in front of his television set, internalizing a fictitious America, through fictitious towns like Mayberry, while his mother worked hard, a single mom, to care for her family.

He learned that hard work has value, that faith has value, and that family has value, and these are good principles.

But Jim DeMint is also a rigid man. To him, faith is Christianity, and all other faith is wrong. Hard work brings success, and if you are not succeeding, you are not working hard. And family is mother, father and children, and if your family is different, you are wrong.

DeMint believes so strongly in his rigid, unyielding system of right and wrong that he has recently shunned his conservative colleagues by refusing to attend this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference – CPAC. We need to pay heed to DeMint’s message in participating in this boycott.

Jim DeMint’s values do not include most of us. He does not believe the government should be an equalizer, or even provide assistance to those who are struggling, because God has determined your struggles. If you are wealthy and successful, it is a sign that your faith has been rewarded.

If you are an unmarried pregnant woman, you have no place in DeMint’s world. He will pay not a penny for your care, or the newborn’s, nor would he allow you the option of an abortion. Jim DeMint is God’s instrument and he is determined to do God’s will in our U.S. Congress.

And if you are gay, your place in Hell is assured. And Jim DeMint will not tarnish himself by associating with such a sinner. But he will not just shun you, he will seek to exclude you from the rights and privileges of society, because Jim DeMint believes he is doing God’s work, and God wants gays punished.

I wish this were merely a caricature of our Senator from South Carolina. But Jim DeMint has proven time and again the intensity of his beliefs, and the intensity with which he knows he is right. DeMint is the kind of zealot that will use his power to do damage to any who do not conform to his values and to those who confront him about those values.

His boycott of CPAC is just one more act that defines the extent of hatred and intolerance that defines Jim DeMint.


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