A Simple Mind on Taxation

Contributed by Agnes Pomata

Jim DeMint hates the deficit. And he hates taxes. His opinion on both is: get rid of them.

This leads to confusion for some. For others, including his many devotees in South Carolina and the Tea Party, what it leads to is selective inattention. Basically, don’t pay attention to what doesn’t make sense.

And what doesn’t make sense is cutting taxes without raising the deficit.

The question is one of philosophy. Jim DeMint would like to kill the government. He believes that ALL problems can be solved and needs satisfied by private industry. This is the mantra of the conservative movement.

Of course, it is hypocritical, because private industry has absolutely no problem expecting, demanding, that government fill in the holes that frankly, business chooses not to pay for. This is not to say that the government should actually hire people to do the work. They should pay private industry to do it.

Airline security? Roads and bridges? Pharmaceutical research? Defense?

The simplicity of DeMint’s philosophy is that, in order for the government to continue to make payouts to private industry, the government needs tax dollars. Which private industry should not have to pay.

Having tried, at my own risk, to follow Jim DeMint’s thought processes, I must say that it would be interesting to have DeMint actually explain the illogic behind his philosophy. The problem, of course, is that Jim DeMint is never, NEVER forced to defend himself and his contradictions. The 2010 campaign season should have at least allowed us the opportunity to listen to DeMint answer questions posed by people other than his fans, but this was not to be.

In the 2011 Congress, it is a safe bet that we will continue to hear Jim DeMint

insist on cutting taxes and reducing the deficit. What we really need is for a fellow senator to persuade him to tell us how he would do that. And then we really need to listen to the answer.

See Also:
Phony solutions for real social ills“, by David Boaz in today’s Los Angles Times for another discussion on how DeMint’s policies do not address the social issues.


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